Uniform Design was developed by two friends: an interior designer and an architect.
Although we enjoy creating custom designs for individual clients, we also realize that this type of service is available (read: affordable) to only a select group of people.

The alternative for design-savvy individuals with a limited budget often is to create the design on their own based on ideas compiled from magazines and books. This typically involves spending lots of time selecting and purchasing appropriate fixtures and finishes. The final challenge is communicating the design to a builder and making sure the renovation fits your budget.

Our desire is to make modern design available to a broader public, and at the same time to simplify the process.

We have developed a line of bathroom designs to satisfy various tastes.

We have selected all the fixtures and finishes for each design with a commitment to balancing the best quality materials with affordability. We have developed design documents that will show your contractor exactly how to price and build your new bathroom.

You will be able to order samples of finishes prior to making a final decision. You have a choice to purchase fixtures, accessories and tile through our website or through your contractor. We also offer additional tools and resources to make the renovation process as effortless as possible.

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