We are finishing our customized Naturalist 2 bathroom and I am on a lookout for accessories. Since we were not able to use as many original wood elements as we would have liked due to space and budget restrictions, the goal is to achieve the same effect with beautiful natural accessories. Related posts: Customized Naturalist 2 in NYC – Part I and Customized Naturalist 2 in NYC – Part II.

Rivera Bath towel, $75 available at Matteo.


Moldger solid birch soap dish, $2.49 available at Ikea.




Linen bath mat, $49 available at Brook Farm General Store.














Oresund birch toilet seat, $19 available at Ikea.










Cotton venetian blind cord by Librett, $49 at Vercesi Hardware. It will be used to wrap a steam pipe.








Wood waste bin, $49 available at Muji.




For the past 25 years ZACK has been a leading European designer and producer of modern stainless steel home accessories. Located near Hamburg, ZACK produces some of the most well-crafted designs we’ve ever come across. See for yourself with this collection of sleek steel bathroom accessories. The accessories are on sale today at





















Rough surfaces show the inherent beautify of a material. They create one of a kind texture and reveal colors otherwise not seen. I especially adore the first image where the rough stone has been respected and celebrated, and so well incorporated into the otherwise simple and polished interior.

Villa Astrid Cliff House bathrom in Sweden by Wingardh.














The reason subway tiles never go out of fashion is because they are versatile and can be quite affordable. They can be stacked or staggered, horizontally or vertically, or arranged randomly. They can be polished or matte. They come in a wide variety of materials: ceramic, glass and stone to name a few. Today we are focusing on the most affordable ceramic subway tiles, which can be found for as little as $ 1.50 per square foot.




















































A client requested a bathtub which would keep the water hot, without noisy jets or fancy equipment.

Someone mentioned Kaldewei, a German tub maker. I chatted with the US rep for a while discussing our needs. Two days later a sample of Kaldewei signature steel enamel arrived along with some literature.

Tonight I am conducting a test. I submerged the sample in hot water, the sample got hot  immediately. It took 15 minutes to cool completely. I have had it half way submerged for about half an hour now and both the water and the steel enamel are still warm. I think what is really nice about it is the fact that the part that is above the water is equally warm.

Test samples.

Californian Borax, Scandinavian quartz, feldspar and soda are used produce this special enamel.

Kaldewei Conoduo tub.


The Betty Blue by German manufacturer Alape is one of the most incredible washstands we have ever seen.  It looks like it belongs into a minimalist kitchen.  Designed by Sieger Design, this washstand is basinless.  Instead, the water flows from the tap onto a completely flat surface, and then drains outwardly into a perimeter linear drain.  From there it travels to a waste pipe concealed in one of the legs.  Granted, there aren’t many bathrooms that can fit this beauty, but this fact makes the Betty Blue only more desirable.

Betty Blue washstand

Betty Blue washstand



Jaime Hayon, Spanish born designer designed this unique collection in collaboration with Bisazza. The collection features a lovely combination of polished copper plated aluminum and Carrara marble. The lines are reminiscent of mid century Scandinavian designs. Discovered via Remodelista.



I am super pleased to share the story of this all white, brand new custom bathroom. It used to be a regular 5ft x 7ft bathroom. We extended it 30in taking up closet and part of the hallway, got rid of the tub and changed the layout. Now we have space for a big shower, double sink, toilet and bidet. We used few tricks to make this bathroom feel extra spacious:  wood floor extends into it from the rest of the apartment, we installed a full height mirror, we demolished dropped ceiling and exposed the original vaulted structure. The entire bathroom is white: white concrete, white wall tiles , white corian and white painted walls. Here is how it happened:

Just demolished, the white space on the right used to be a closet and now will be incorporated into the bathroom.


Freshly installed white concrete shower floor.


Closer look at the shower floor. The niche on the right will have floor to ceiling white corian shelves.


Installing the shower tiles. This is the only part of the bathroom that will be tiled.


Full height mirror visually expands the space and reflects the window and day light coming from the bedroom.


Cast concrete sink in white and a close up of storage unit constructed out of white corian and painted gypsum board. The vertical storage also serves as a divider between the shower and the sink.


Wood floor extends from the living room and bedroom into the bathroom.



Exposed vaulted ceiling.


Nature is such a pool of inspiration. We  took a sip from it and created the Naturalist series. A while back I shared the backstory of Naturalist 1 and it is Naturalist 2′s turn. Little different: warmer with lots wood and soft sand like stone.  It is celebrating the beauty and richness of the natural materials.

Naturalist 2 visualization.

Bathroom shots from "Essential Home" by Judith Wilson, photography by Jan Baldwin.

Naturalist 2 stone.

Oil finished wood cabinet with apothecary bottles.

Organic linen and cotton towels to finish off.


Who says we must use tiles in bathrooms?  In areas that are not directly exposed to water it is perfectly fine to use appropriate paint or wood. The few photographs below show some fantastic examples of how to create drama with color.