Sometimes a shower curtain is more desirable than a glass shower partition. There are so many more options other than a standard shower rod with clips. Silent Gliss makes a high grade nylon and precision-engineered, rust-free siliconized aluminum system, which is often used in hospitals. It is meant to be bent by design. Agape makes a polished stainless steel strip that allows different configurations that can be adapted for use with showers or bathtubs.

Room Divider / Cubicle Track Systems by Silent Gliss.















Cooper polished stainless steel rail by Agape.













Cooper polished stainless steel rail by Agape. The system can be used for tubs and showers.














Loft by Decor Walther.


















Loft by Decor Walther - close up.




We are taking a short break from holiday shopping and a deep breath before all the upcoming holiday parties.
Each of the below shower enclosures features something special. The first, by Spanish manufacturer Roca is operated by a motion sensor. In contrast, the Vigo sports an exquisite hardware. Finally, Agape’s spiral has no motion sensor nor hardware, the shape itself serves the purpose.

A round shower enclosure that opens and closes automatically, no hinges, no screws or handles, by Roca.

Vigo shower enclosure.

Spiral shower enclosure by Benedini Associates for Agape.


Last Friday I was organizing the resource library and came across an old clipping from NYT. The article featured unique shower heads. One caught my eye and inspired to conceptualize this serene setting.

Istanbul Collection shower head by Ross Lovegrove for VitrA.


MOD Collection washbasin mixer by Ross Lovegrove for VitrA.


Gray ceramic tile from Uniform Design's Naturalist 1 collection.


Duravit washbowl.


When we visited the new Axor showroom last week, one room display caught our special attention.  It was featuring the Axor Urquiola line of fixtures and accessories, designed by Patricia Urquiola.

Patricia Urquiola is one of the most talented designers of our times.  Her work is sophisticated and beautiful, with soft lines and good proportions.  The product line she created for Axor is simply astounding.  Gently curved, somewhat nostalgic and very functional, this series cannot be mistaken for any other.  It is beautifully presented in the NYC showroom, and we enjoy sharing some shots with you.

Axor Urquiola Single-Hole faucet

Axor Urquiola ingle-hole faucet

Axor Urquiola Freestanding Tubfiller

Axor Urquiola freestanding tubfiller

Axor Urquiola wall-mounted washbasin and faucet in the NYC showroom

Axor Urquiola wall-mounted washbasin and faucet in the NYC showroomAxor Urquiola shower system in the NYC showroom

Axor Urquiola top-mounted washbasin and faucet in the NYC showroom

Axor Urquiola top-mounted washbasin and faucet in the NYC showroom

Axor Urquiola shower system in the NYC showroom

Axor Urquiola shower system in the NYC showroom


Last week I covered an area of the bathroom design that may often be overlooked: the shower drain.  Today I want to talk about a different approach to shower stall design: the shower pan.  I really like using shower pans instead of a tiled shower floor.  The installation is much easier, and so is the maintenance.  Of course, not any shower pan will pass our “good looking” test.  The trick again is to find a pan that will conceal the common looking drain outlet.  Actually, only a few shower pans available on the USA market address the drain design.

Boutique shower base by MTI Whirlpools 1

Boutique shower base by MTI Whirlpools 2



Teak drain cover by MTI Whirlpools


The end drain shower base by MTI Whirlpools features a removable drain cover for clean design. Or you can use the matching Teak Drain Cover instead.

Lacava_Tatami 1

Lacava_Tatami 2

The Tatami by Lacava is a resin shower pan made to fit white ceramic shower bricks (available in two, three, four, and five brick pans).

Kohler_Archer Acrylic shower receptor

The Archer Acrylic shower receptor by Kohler has a central covered drain.






It may come as a surprise, but we in the architecture and design world pay a lot of attention to the shower drain.  The round, centered shower drain is too common for our tastes.  We are constantly on the look-out for some special, elegant solutions.  Especially exciting are products that make the drain nearly invisible, or those that create flush, clean lines.

Infinity Drain TileDrain 1

Infinity Drain TileDrain 2

The TileDrain by Infinity Drain is basically a stainless steel pan that allows for installation of the same tile material as the surrounding shower area.  It comes in three sizes, rectangular or square shaped.

Royal Mosa Ceramic Shower Drain 1

Royal Mosa Ceramic Shower Drain 2

The Ceramic Shower Drain by Royal Mosa is similar to the TileDrain, but goes even further in its simplicity as it eliminates any visible stainless steel edges.  This product comes in eight different colors, matching the Royal Mosa tile collections, and recently won the Design Plus Award 2011.

Dallmer CeraLine

The CeraLine by Dallmer is a minimal smooth stainless steel pan.

Dallmer CeraNiveau Drain

Dallmer’s CeraNiveau Drain is similar to the CeraLine, but is shorter and has a stainless steel frame.

Infinity Drain DG38

I really like the round perforations of this DG38 model by Infinity Drain.


This week I am on vacation, and for this occasion I would like to share with you some dreamy outdoor shower destinations.  Enjoy.

Outdoor shower 1

Outdoor shower 2

Outdoor shower 3

Outdoor shower 4

Outdoor shower 5


I have been working on a design for a loft office bathroom and industrial fittings and raw materials have been on my mind. Stainless steel, concrete, exposed pipes, lights meant for outdoors are the essential ingredients of such a bathroom. Most of these materials and fixtures are quite affordable. Some successful examples:

Bathroom designed by Heather Johnson found via Elle Décor.


Bathroom in Cottage in Burnet, Texas designed by Mell Lawrence Architects found via


Chicago Faucet wall mounted wide spread faucet.


Kohler exposed pipe shower, about $400.


Industrial shower found via

Bathroom designed by a Swiss firm AFGH, found via Platforma Arquitectura .




I am going on vacation next week and I have been thinking more about the great outdoors than the small indoors, lately.  I went to Rhode Island for a couple of days earlier this summer, and there was an outdoor shower we could use to wash off the beach sand.  It was a wonderful experience to get clean after a day at the beach and then sit down for dinner on the deck.

I researched a bit and was pleased to find some elegant and modern outdoor shower systems that will complement the summer house of any modernist at heart.

Inox Square Outdoor Shower by d'Un Jardin a l'Autre

Inox Square Outdoor Shower by d'Un Jardin a l'Autre.

Waterfall Shower by Jane Hamley Wells

Waterfall Shower by Jane Hamley Wells.

Pila Outdoor shower with teak handles by Calazzo

Pila Outdoor shower with teak handles by Calazzo.

Well Well by Atelier Tradewinds

Well Well by Atelier Tradewinds, too

Well Well the plug and spray minimalist outdoor shower by Atelier Tradewinds.