We invited our extremely talented good friend Esther Beke to write a guest post for us.  Esther grew up in Venezuela and in her post, she recalls her sensual childhood memories.  Thank you Esther and we hope for more to come!
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From the simplest installation and most vernacular use, to the more elaborate and luxurious outdoor spaces, the outdoor shower plays an important roll in the lives of many, as well as in the design world.

Memories of growing up in the tropics, washing the sand and salt off behind a zinc sheet bring to life feelings of freshness, warmth, openness and freedom. The tactile quality of those moments, turning the old faucet and grabbing the hose while standing on a mix of stones, dirt and grass are thankfully hard to forget.

The outdoor shower provides an opportunity to use all kinds of materials, to loose control and let nature take over. They also become an inspiration for the way we design our bathrooms, so that our experience can be as rich and pleasant as all those times we washed outdoors.

Ducha Roja

Ducha El Pauji

Bamboo Shower

Bath with moss

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About today’s guest blogger: Esther Beke has been practicing Interior Design in NYC since 2003. She is currently working on her Masters in Industrial Design and is very much interested in humans’ relationships and interactions with surrounding objects and spaces.


This week I am on vacation, and for this occasion I would like to share with you some dreamy outdoor shower destinations.  Enjoy.

Outdoor shower 1

Outdoor shower 2

Outdoor shower 3

Outdoor shower 4

Outdoor shower 5


I am going on vacation next week and I have been thinking more about the great outdoors than the small indoors, lately.  I went to Rhode Island for a couple of days earlier this summer, and there was an outdoor shower we could use to wash off the beach sand.  It was a wonderful experience to get clean after a day at the beach and then sit down for dinner on the deck.

I researched a bit and was pleased to find some elegant and modern outdoor shower systems that will complement the summer house of any modernist at heart.

Inox Square Outdoor Shower by d'Un Jardin a l'Autre

Inox Square Outdoor Shower by d'Un Jardin a l'Autre.

Waterfall Shower by Jane Hamley Wells

Waterfall Shower by Jane Hamley Wells.

Pila Outdoor shower with teak handles by Calazzo

Pila Outdoor shower with teak handles by Calazzo.

Well Well by Atelier Tradewinds

Well Well by Atelier Tradewinds, too

Well Well the plug and spray minimalist outdoor shower by Atelier Tradewinds.


Summer is in full swing and there is nothing, that compares to a simple pleasure of an outdoor shower. Here are some inspiring examples of showers surrounded by mountains, trees, dunes and grasses.

An outdoor shower in Cantilever House designed by Anderson Architecture. Mimicking the cantilever of the house, the outdoor stretches out gently toward the surrounding woods.


An outdoor shower from Atelier Tradewinds: "The acacia wood frame is set on a couple of nylon gliders so that the shower can easily be moved. The shower tube itself is made of galvanized steel; a simple tap attached to the tube regulates the water pressure.


An outdoor shower in Sky Ranch House designed by Miller Hull Partnership. Found via Dwell.


An outdoor shower on a deck of Surfside Residence in Bridgehampton designed by Stelle Architects.


An outdoor shower in The Orchard House designed by Anderson Archietcts.