Floors and walls tiled with black & white checkers – bold and beautiful. I am particularly drawn to the juxtaposition of the porcelain checkered tiles with the warm texture of the raw wood. The Amada stools are great for smaller bathrooms. They are made out of cedar and can be used on all sides.

Left: Kensington Mews Houses by Groves Natcheva Architects, via Wallpaper. Right: black and white checker porcelain tiles from Home Depot, $5.95 per square foot.
























Ameda solid cedar stools by Benno Vinatzer.













I adore the color, that Ball & Farrow paint company calls ARSENIC. We use it in one of our bathroom designs Loft 1, a design inspired by a classic New York 1920 bathroom that so many of us still have for better or worse. Read the backstory if you haven’t in the past. A Loft 1 is currently being completed in NYC and will be posting some gorgeous phots in the next couple of weeks. In meantime enjoy these ARESENIC bathrooms.

Bathroom with Arsenic color walls.
















Arcenic, 214 by Farrow & Ball.









Bathroom in Jacques Grange Mark Hotel.














Loft 1 visualization.















Btahroom in Casa Claudia, by architects: Renato Salles & Vivian Giometti.