I adore the color, that Ball & Farrow paint company calls ARSENIC. We use it in one of our bathroom designs Loft 1, a design inspired by a classic New York 1920 bathroom that so many of us still have for better or worse. Read the backstory if you haven’t in the past. A Loft 1 is currently being completed in NYC and will be posting some gorgeous phots in the next couple of weeks. In meantime enjoy these ARESENIC bathrooms.

Bathroom with Arsenic color walls.
















Arcenic, 214 by Farrow & Ball.









Bathroom in Jacques Grange Mark Hotel.














Loft 1 visualization.















Btahroom in Casa Claudia, by architects: Renato Salles & Vivian Giometti.


I gathered a small collection of lovely contemporary bathrooms that very much remind me of our own Naturalist 2. The common elements are: clean lines, soft limestones, warm woods and contemporary plumbing fittings. All featured bathrooms are quite generous in size and feature some pricy materials. On the contrary our Naturalist 2 is very small, only 35 square feet and the cost of materials will not break your bank.

I like the chunky vanity and the white towel rack complemented by the white sconces.





















A shower in Pirates Bay house by O'Connor and Houle Architecture. Nice use of wood and beautiful black fittings.






















A luxurious Naturalist shower. I like the big shower platform.





















Our Naturalist 2 bathroom.
























Our own Naturalist 2 bathroom, faucet and sink detail.





















If you like the bathrooms featured above but don’t quite have the space or the budget see how to get this look here.






A few blocks away from the Minimalist 2 bathrooms in Chelsea we are currently building a Minimalist 1 bathroom.  Again, the bathroom is very small, so we had to make some modifications to the Basic Design.  Currently the rough plumbing is completed, the waterproofing and tile is installed.  Shortly the plumber will mount the bathroom fixtures, the millworker will place the mirrors above the accent wall and the electrician will take care of the lighting.

1_Minimalist 1 on 15th Street

The black accent wall is prepared to receive the wall mounted washbasin.

2_Minimalist 1 on 15th Street

The wall above the washbasin is framed for a mirrored niche.

3_Minimalist 1 on 15th Street

In this bathroom the accent wall was designed to make a 90 degree turn and extend under the window. This is where the wall-hung toilet will be mounted.


4_Minimalist 1 on 15th Street

The glass shower partition is already installed.

5_Minimalist 1 on 15th Street

We used a matching stone slab at the top of the shower curb to complement the porcelain tile. The linear drain is visible in the background.

6_Minimalist 1 on 15th Street

We created a ledge to protect the steam pipe from direct contact with water. The ledge will also be useful for placing shampoo and soap.

We are looking forward to posting images of the completed bathroom in a few weeks!


Both Minimalist 2 bathrooms in Chelsea are finally finished. We had couple of posts covering the construction: TWO MINIMALIST BATHROOMS IN CHELSEA and PROGRESS IN CHELSEA. And now you can see the final results. Here is the first bathroom.  It is smaller than a typical New York 5×7 bathroom so it took quite a bit of tweaking. Instead of a cramped bathtub we have a spacious shower. Large mirrored medicine cabinet provides plenty of storage. Over scaled mirrors give an impression of a larger space. Photos of the second bathroom – same design, different layout – coming soon.
































































The Minimalist bathroom build-outs in Chelsea that I wrote about last week are moving ahead.  As usual, progress is slower than expected, but precision is priority.  “Measure twice, cut once” is ever so important if you are talking about tile.

Minimalist in Chelsea 1

The extra-large medicine cabinet was installed in the first bathroom.  Tiling of the shower walls has begun.

Minimalist in Chelsea 2

The plywood next to the medicine cabinet will be covered by a mirror.  The medicine cabinet door will be mirrored, also.

Minimalist in Chelsea 3

A detail of how the cabinet connects to the wall below.  The little indentation in the cabinet will be taped, plastered and painted.  This way the cabinet side and the wall below will create one smooth surface.

Minimalist in Chelsea 4

Moving on to bathroom number two.  The blue accent wall tile is being installed.

Minimalist in Chelsea 5

The area above the sink will receive a flat mirror.  The medicine cabinet is installed on the side wall.

Minimalist in Chelsea 6

Precision is especially required at external corners.  Here, a detail of how the tile will be wrapped into the window opening.

To be continued…


We had a great first blogging season here at Uniform Design and we enjoyed creating the posts and interacting with our audience.  A big thank you to all our readers, supporters and clients – without you, there would be no point in what we are doing.  We would like to wish you all a fantastic year 2012 full of fresh ideas and dreams come true.

Below you will find the best of the best – the most popular blog posts of 2011.


The Backstory of Naturalist 1 was one of the favorite inspiration stories for our designs.


The Renovation Dos and Dont’s were and will remain a good resource for anyone who considers (or is in the midst of) a renovation.


White remains a classic favorite color for bathrooms, therefore the Story in White  was well received.


We were very excited about the Customized Townhouse 1 Bathroom in Europe, and so were our readers.


The Natural Accessories post provided simple and inexpensive ideas for introducing that feel of nature to any bathroom, and was very well received.


The Customized Naturalist 2 bathroom may be the smallest in the world, but arguably it is also one of the most beautiful.

To be continued next year…


We are building a customized Naturalist 2 bathroom in New York City.  It is a completely different layout and size, so we needed to modify it quite a bit. For starters we used smaller scale tile on floor on walls. We also used a very narrow (only 12in) long  washbasin instead of round which would have taken voluble room in 39in wide space.  We skipped the vanity to keep the space more airy and open. Storage is very important in small spaces; there is plenty of it here: integrated medicine cabinet across from the washbasin, generous niche in the shower as well as 3 horizontal cabinets above the toilet. Cost of materials and fixtures approximately $ 2500.

Naturalist 2 visualization – original design and starting point for this customized version.

Naturalist 2 floor plan – the original design.

Naturalist 2 floor plan – the customized design.

Freshly demolished bathroom – ready for new plumbing and electric installation. Stay tuned for more next week.


The owner of this apartment in Warsaw, Poland appreciated the Townhouse 1 design, but needed some adjustments.  The layout of the existing bathroom was different from our basic layout, and the owner requested to place a shower cabin instead of the bathtub.  A washing machine needed to be incorporated into the layout, and we designed a simple, elegant closet to conceal it.   We also suggested to the owner to use large size floor tiles instead of a marble mosaic, as the area of the bathroom floor was relatively large.  Our client did not wish to have a medicine cabinet or vanity so we proposed a large wooden counter and open shelving below.  You must agree with us that the results are stunning!

Townhouse 1, Warsaw, Poland_1

Townhouse 1, Warsaw, Poland_2

Townhouse 1, Warsaw, Poland_3

Photography: Adam Bochinski


Our Loft series is rooted in Streamline Moderne aesthetic. The style was not only a reaction to Art Deco designs, but also a reflection of austere economic times. Gone was unnecessary ornament, replaced by aerodynamic pure-line concept of motion and speed developed from scientific thinking.  Eighty years later we still admire it.

Loft 1 visualization.


Industrial bathroom.


Ray Loewy bathroom, designed in 1949.


Loft finishes: black hexagon tiles, white brick and arsenic paint.

Perfect loft inspired bathroom with white subway tile walls, hexagon shower floor and industrial pedestal sink.

Apothecary jars.


The classic interior of a townhouse never gets old. It’s been around for centuries and we still find it elegant and enviable. The classic carrara, arabescato or calacatta marble paired with oak or walnut is beautifully familiar. We think that the use of these traditional materials by means of modern vocabulary makes a grand effect, even in our 5’ x 7’ Townhouse series. Below you will find inspiring images of some of the finest-looking townhouse spaces around.

Townhouse 1 visualization

Sabine and Michael Maharam NYC apartment

Sabina and Michael Maharam NYC apartment

India Mahdavi Paris apartment.

Modern tub in a classic interior.

Modern townhouse bath in Brooklyn Heights found via Remodelista.

Modern Brooklyn Heights townhouse found via Remodelista.