The clawfoot tub was considered a luxury item in the late 19th century and today it often is as well. The lovely shape, the famous feet take us back in time. A clawfoot tub looks great in a dark walled space.  Its interior is porcelain, its exterior can be left white but more often than not is painted. I love both of the painted examples below: the pale blue and the chalky black.

Victoria & Albert Modern double ended tub.












Jenna Lyons' Brooklyn bath, photography Melanie Acevedo.



















Rimini Cast iron bath.


Cast iron claw foot tub at The Crown in Amersham, UK - design by Ilse Crawford.


I like to play this game and imagine the perfect bathroom.  A bathroom that I will have one day.  It turns out that I may need to build more than one bathroom for myself, as there are so many options, and they are all tempting.  For example, should the tub be free-standing with a floor mounted tub spout?  Or should it be placed by the wall, with a wall-mounted tub filler?  Today I want to focus on the latter.  I have a short list of wall mounted tub fillers. The type I like best, with a narrow rectangular back plate.   And still, it is hard to decide.  Which is your favorite?

Boffi Cut tub filler

Boffi Cut tub filler.

Vola two handle tub filler

Vola two handle tub filler.

Lacava waterblade tub filler

Lacava Waterblade.

Dornbracht Symetrics tub filler

Dornbracht Symetrics tub filler.

Dornbracht Elemental Spa tub filler

Dornbracht Elemental Spa tub filler.



The Japanese bathroom aesthetic is in line if Uniform’s design sensibility: simple forms, use of natural wood and stone. The bathroom in Japan is not only a room for cleaning – it is a sanctuary, a space for calm and deep relaxation.  Below is a selection of designs that draw inspiration from different aspects of the rich Japanese culture.  The bathtub is the main focus here, as soaking tubs are an important element of the Japanese bathing ritual.

Bathroom by San Francisco architects Aidlin Darling Design.

Serenity reigns in this bathroom by San Francisco architects Aidlin Darling Design.


Japanese bathroom.

In a traditional Japanese bathroom the shower is situated right next to the bathtub. A stool is used to sit on while taking a shower.


Rapsel_Ofuro soaking tub.

The Ofuro soaking tub by Italian company Rapsel is made of movingui and larch wood. Designed by Matteo Thun and Antonio Rodriguez.


SeaOtter WoodWorks_Ofuro soaking tub.

The Ofuro soaking tub by SeaOtter WoodWorks is made of traditional Japanese hinoki wood.


Stocco_Origami bathtub.

The Origami bathtub by Stocco is simply stunning.


Urban Archaeology_Origami Tile.

Origami tile by Urban Archaeology takes wall tile to another dimension.


When we visited the new Axor showroom last week, one room display caught our special attention.  It was featuring the Axor Urquiola line of fixtures and accessories, designed by Patricia Urquiola.

Patricia Urquiola is one of the most talented designers of our times.  Her work is sophisticated and beautiful, with soft lines and good proportions.  The product line she created for Axor is simply astounding.  Gently curved, somewhat nostalgic and very functional, this series cannot be mistaken for any other.  It is beautifully presented in the NYC showroom, and we enjoy sharing some shots with you.

Axor Urquiola Single-Hole faucet

Axor Urquiola ingle-hole faucet

Axor Urquiola Freestanding Tubfiller

Axor Urquiola freestanding tubfiller

Axor Urquiola wall-mounted washbasin and faucet in the NYC showroom

Axor Urquiola wall-mounted washbasin and faucet in the NYC showroomAxor Urquiola shower system in the NYC showroom

Axor Urquiola top-mounted washbasin and faucet in the NYC showroom

Axor Urquiola top-mounted washbasin and faucet in the NYC showroom

Axor Urquiola shower system in the NYC showroom

Axor Urquiola shower system in the NYC showroom


I have been working on a design for a loft office bathroom and industrial fittings and raw materials have been on my mind. Stainless steel, concrete, exposed pipes, lights meant for outdoors are the essential ingredients of such a bathroom. Most of these materials and fixtures are quite affordable. Some successful examples:

Bathroom designed by Heather Johnson found via Elle Décor.


Bathroom in Cottage in Burnet, Texas designed by Mell Lawrence Architects found via


Chicago Faucet wall mounted wide spread faucet.


Kohler exposed pipe shower, about $400.


Industrial shower found via

Bathroom designed by a Swiss firm AFGH, found via Platforma Arquitectura .




The ergonomic shape of the Le Cob bathtub by Omvivo allows for deep relaxation, as does the water overflow cascading down onto a bed of pebbles.  Named after architect and designer Le Corbusier, it is said to be inspired by his famous chaise lounge furniture piece.  The Joseph Licciarsi designed bathtub also pays homage to the built-in chaise lounge in the bathroom of Le Corbusier’s and Pierre Jeanneret’s Villa Savoye.

Omvivo Le Cob bathtub

Omvivo Le Cob bathtub.

Bathroom at Villa Savoye in Poissy by Le Corbusier and Pierre Jeanneret.

Bathroom at Villa Savoye in Poissy by Le Corbusier and Pierre Jeanneret.

Omvivo Le Cob bathtub

Omvivo Le Cob bathtub.

Bathroom at Villa Savoye in Poissy by Le Corbusier and Pierre Jeanneret.

Bathroom at Villa Savoye in Poissy by Le Corbusier and Pierre Jeanneret.


This tub – sauna – closet was designed by Anna van der Lei of Design Academy Eindhoven and presented during Milan design week 2010. “Badkast” is made out of larch wood, it has custom made joints that expand as they get wet, making it water tight. The rod above the tub can be used for steaming cloths. “Badkast” can be placed indoor or outdoor.


A client requested a bathtub which would keep the water hot, without noisy jets or fancy equipment.

Someone mentioned Kaldewei, a German tub maker. I chatted with the US rep for a while discussing our needs. Two days later a sample of Kaldewei signature steel enamel arrived along with some literature.

Tonight I am conducting a test. I submerged the sample in hot water, the sample got hot  immediately. It took 15 minutes to cool completely. I have had it half way submerged for about half an hour now and both the water and the steel enamel are still warm. I think what is really nice about it is the fact that the part that is above the water is equally warm.

Test samples.

Californian Borax, Scandinavian quartz, feldspar and soda are used produce this special enamel.

Kaldewei Conoduo tub.


When slate meets wood good things happen. Natural materials prevail again. Look at these textures, forms and colors coexisting in simple harmony.

Die Wanne, a slate tub from Swiss designer Spallo Kolb.

Bathroom in a house in Shelter Island, by architect Cary Tamarkin and interior designer Suzanne Shaker.


Patricia Urquiola's Vieques Tub for Agape.


ICFF 2011

Few interesting things at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair this year. All of them happen to be prototypes yet to be developed further or mass produced.

First one up is from Modproducts, a New York City based company whose motto is “we know our sh*t”. This appears to be an accurate statment. Brett Teper and Rich Williams presented a toilet seat: LOU Jr – the kids toilet seat. The seat also features recessed handles and a reminder to close the lid. Something for everyone in the family.


AF Supply Lab collaborated with 3 design firms and presented a few exciting concepts.


One of my favorites was a concept developed with Yoshimi Kono: a bathtub designed for an alcove installation, but done in such a way that it appears freestanding. The shower and its controls are in a cabinet above it, the cabinet’s door when open would serve as a partition while showering. The details and materials are still to be worked out. Both great ideas, that don’t quite go together in my opinion, but would be promising beginnings to separate collections.


Desai / Chia came up with a clever washbasin design called Lavatory Unit. We recently featured and admired Recess Lav by the same designer. Lavatory Unit is an equally great solution for small bathrooms and for people who don’t necessarily want backsplash tiles. The Surface Series bathtub was quite beautiful and super functional as well, with built in shelves on either end eliminating need for additional wall niches or shelves for shampoo and soap.

Building Blocks by Messana O’rorke – geometrical facets. Clean lines and elegant proportions.


Infinity Drain presented 2 new designs. The new linear drain is only 1 inch wide and it is very discrete. The other new design is square and it comes in two different sizes. The standard finish is matte stainless steel, which can also be polished. Other finishes are available upon request.