Once in a while I find myself browsing for washbasins, and I kept noticing that one particular type of basins was catching my attention.  Or rather, it was a series of basin and washstand combinations, by Barclay.  What is it that kept me looking at this series?  Perhaps the simple, geometrical shape of the basins, or the equally simple, but rustic and bold design of the washstands.  Most definitely the striking effect the combination of those two is creating.  I also love the idea of having the basin to the side of the washstand, creating space for a make-up counter.  I am already dreaming of a country house in which I could place such a set…


Barclay Cube Basin

Cube basin and washstand.

Barclay Steps Basin

Steps basin and washstand.

Barclay Patricia Square Basin

Patricia Square basin and washstand.

Barclay Oval Basin

Oval basin and washstand.

Barclay Flat Basin

Flat basin and washstand.


When we visited the new Axor showroom last week, one room display caught our special attention.  It was featuring the Axor Urquiola line of fixtures and accessories, designed by Patricia Urquiola.

Patricia Urquiola is one of the most talented designers of our times.  Her work is sophisticated and beautiful, with soft lines and good proportions.  The product line she created for Axor is simply astounding.  Gently curved, somewhat nostalgic and very functional, this series cannot be mistaken for any other.  It is beautifully presented in the NYC showroom, and we enjoy sharing some shots with you.

Axor Urquiola Single-Hole faucet

Axor Urquiola ingle-hole faucet

Axor Urquiola Freestanding Tubfiller

Axor Urquiola freestanding tubfiller

Axor Urquiola wall-mounted washbasin and faucet in the NYC showroom

Axor Urquiola wall-mounted washbasin and faucet in the NYC showroomAxor Urquiola shower system in the NYC showroom

Axor Urquiola top-mounted washbasin and faucet in the NYC showroom

Axor Urquiola top-mounted washbasin and faucet in the NYC showroom

Axor Urquiola shower system in the NYC showroom

Axor Urquiola shower system in the NYC showroom


Here is another great find from the Rapsel family of bathroom fixtures.  “Yume” is a combination washbasin, towel holder and container for used towels. The designer, Matteo Nunziati, drew his inspiration from 20th century abstract minimalism, focusing on the concepts of full and empty. “Yume” is made out of Nikron, an innovative, silkysmooth high‐tech material which reinforces the elegance of this design.




Large washbasins are nice, but what to do if space is limited?  For those with spatial limitations we found some of the smallest sinks out there that still look and feel fabulous.  Most often used in powder rooms (or half baths) these sinks will work also in very tight full baths.

Bissonett ICE 20

The ICE 20 sink by Bissonett: 15.75" long by 7.9" wide by 6.7" high.

Hasting C1 30 Basin

The C1 30 Basin by Hasting: 15" long by 11.8" wide by 7" high.

Hasting Series CX Basin

The Series CX Basin by Hastings: 13.75" diameter.

Lacava Aquababy

The Aquababy by Lacava: 15" long by 11.5" wide by 6" high.

Nameek Next 40/B

Next 40/B basin by Nameek: 16" long by 19.7" wide by 5.3" high.

Nameek Scarabeo

The Scarabeo by Nameek: 15.6" long by 8.9" wide by 5.4" high.


This unique concept of washstand / toilet combination was designed by Bora Cakilkaya of Turkish design studio P-arch.  The fixture station focuses on the preservation of water.  The so-called gray water draining from the wash stand is stored in a tank below and, after a purification process, is utilized for flushing the toilet.  Another interesting aspect of the design is the idea of disconnecting of the washbasin and toilet from the wall and instead setting them in the center of the space.

The design won the 2nd place in the Green Dot Awards in 2009.  Found via Design Milk.

Plus Wash Station 01

Plus Wash Station 02




Pedestal washbasins are not often used in bathrooms as they take away the storage space underneath.  But their sculptural qualities are often magnificent, and storage can be carved out in other places of the bathroom instead, like in oversized medicine cabinets.  I admire the monumentality and simplicity of these plumbing objects.

The Slash by Antonio Lupi

The Slash by Antonio Lupi.

Tender by Antonio Lupi.

Tender by Antonio Lupi.

PHC by Boffi.

PHC by Boffi.

VOL by Boffi.

VOL by Boffi.

Il Bagno Alessi One by Laufen.

Il Bagno Alessi One by Laufen.




The Betty Blue by German manufacturer Alape is one of the most incredible washstands we have ever seen.  It looks like it belongs into a minimalist kitchen.  Designed by Sieger Design, this washstand is basinless.  Instead, the water flows from the tap onto a completely flat surface, and then drains outwardly into a perimeter linear drain.  From there it travels to a waste pipe concealed in one of the legs.  Granted, there aren’t many bathrooms that can fit this beauty, but this fact makes the Betty Blue only more desirable.

Betty Blue washstand

Betty Blue washstand


ICFF 2011

Few interesting things at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair this year. All of them happen to be prototypes yet to be developed further or mass produced.

First one up is from Modproducts, a New York City based company whose motto is “we know our sh*t”. This appears to be an accurate statment. Brett Teper and Rich Williams presented a toilet seat: LOU Jr – the kids toilet seat. The seat also features recessed handles and a reminder to close the lid. Something for everyone in the family.


AF Supply Lab collaborated with 3 design firms and presented a few exciting concepts.


One of my favorites was a concept developed with Yoshimi Kono: a bathtub designed for an alcove installation, but done in such a way that it appears freestanding. The shower and its controls are in a cabinet above it, the cabinet’s door when open would serve as a partition while showering. The details and materials are still to be worked out. Both great ideas, that don’t quite go together in my opinion, but would be promising beginnings to separate collections.


Desai / Chia came up with a clever washbasin design called Lavatory Unit. We recently featured and admired Recess Lav by the same designer. Lavatory Unit is an equally great solution for small bathrooms and for people who don’t necessarily want backsplash tiles. The Surface Series bathtub was quite beautiful and super functional as well, with built in shelves on either end eliminating need for additional wall niches or shelves for shampoo and soap.

Building Blocks by Messana O’rorke – geometrical facets. Clean lines and elegant proportions.


Infinity Drain presented 2 new designs. The new linear drain is only 1 inch wide and it is very discrete. The other new design is square and it comes in two different sizes. The standard finish is matte stainless steel, which can also be polished. Other finishes are available upon request.


I am visiting my sister in England this week. I couldn’t help myself and snap few photos of her very English bathroom. We are talking about exposed plumbing pipes, individual taps for cold and hot water for the sink and the bathtub, painted white wood floor, freestanding claw foot tub and lots of quaint details.

Thermostatic pressure valve.

Claw foot tub detail.

English flush lever.

Washbasin tap.

Light pull.


Possibilities of wood applications in bathrooms are numerous.  Last week we mostly focused on wood applications on surfaces: walls, floors and ceilings.  Another option is the use of wooden plumbing fixtures.  We found some wonderful examples and are excited to share them with our readers.  Please let us know what you think.

Wood and glass washbasin by Agape.

Wood and glass washbasin by Agape.

Agape Cartesio bathtub with wooden surround and built-in shelving.

Agape Cartesio bathtub with wooden surround and built-in shelving.

Agape Woodline  wooden bathtub.

Agape Woodline wooden bathtub.

Neutra Design Vitalty Collection.

Neutra Design Vitalty Collection.

Rapsel ONE wood washbasin.

Rapsel ONE wood washbasin.