The Holidays have finally arrived, and we prepared a glamorous inspiration gallery to boost your Holiday spirit.  We love how classic chandeliers add a layer of luxury and comfort to these modern bathrooms.

Happy Festivities from all of us at Uniform!

Bathroom with white chandelier by Neutra

Bathroom with chandelier

Bathroom with chandelier

Bathroom with chandelier by Laufen

Bathroom with chandelier


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Today’s post is provided courtesy of our fellow blogger Susi from Arcadian Lighting.  It is amazing how much impact an accent wall can bring into a bathroom.  Thank you Susi for this inspiring post and we hope for more to come!

Hi, I’m Susi, a writer for Arcadian Lighting, a great place to find inspiration for lighting projects. I’m very lucky to get to guest blog for amazing design blogs like Uniform Design about cool designs, light fixtures and decor. My guest post today is all about stunning bathroom walls. Bathroom walls need to be durable as well as decorative, so stone, tile and paint are great material choices. Here are four stunning bathroom walls to inspire you. Enjoy!

Bathroom Walls White Lighting Fixtures

Bathroom walls tend to be white to go with all white fixtures. This matte black wall offers a striking contrast instead. Stunning and dramatic.

Bathroom Walls

Shaped marble tiles can feel very contemporary when placed on the wall and not the floor. The grey and white marble tiles create a stunning pattern in this contemporary bath.

Stainless Steel Bathroom Walls

Shiny stainless steel tiles on the walls of this bath add a lovely reflective quality to the walls. The soft grey of the steel is a nice bridge between black and white elements in the room.

Natural Stone Bathroom Wall

Stunning slab of natural stone. Slabs of natural stone set as a backsplash or bookended to cover an entire wall make for stunning walls in the bathroom.

For more stunning bathroom walls and bathroom lighting ideas, feel free to stop on by at Arcadian Lighting Blog for more inspiration!

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Happy Fourth of July!
Fireworks over water made me think of Liquid Light by a UK born designer Pascal Anson.
Liquid Light is a unique concept that combines light and water in a very simple yet clever way. There is a super bright LED light source inside the spout and a small hydro-electric generator inside the faucet body.









The higher water pressure the brighter the light.


The styling of the faucet is simple: it has a black chrome finish, and the taps are meant to feel like light dimmer switches.












The cool thing about the bare bulb fixtures is that they are multifunctional and are very inexpensive. There is a wide selection of bulbs that can be used to create different results: from big globes to traditional Edison lamps, and silver tip bulbs that cut down the glare. These fixtures are great for walls and ceilings, can be used single, in pairs or groups. They are now available in many different colors and finishes. They are not only excellent for a bathroom but any other space as well.

Etna en in polished chrome, Mawa Design.


Etna en in black, Mawa Design. Available powder coated in various RAL colours.

Teti, Artemide.

Lampholder, Absolute Lighting.

Eve, Tobias Grau.

Eintopf design by Martin Wallroth, Mava Design. Available in white powder coated RAL 9016, polished chrome and matte nickel.