We are finishing our customized Naturalist 2 bathroom and I am on a lookout for accessories. Since we were not able to use as many original wood elements as we would have liked due to space and budget restrictions, the goal is to achieve the same effect with beautiful natural accessories. Related posts: Customized Naturalist 2 in NYC – Part I and Customized Naturalist 2 in NYC – Part II.

Rivera Bath towel, $75 available at Matteo.


Moldger solid birch soap dish, $2.49 available at Ikea.




Linen bath mat, $49 available at Brook Farm General Store.














Oresund birch toilet seat, $19 available at Ikea.










Cotton venetian blind cord by Librett, $49 at Vercesi Hardware. It will be used to wrap a steam pipe.








Wood waste bin, $49 available at Muji.




For the past 25 years ZACK has been a leading European designer and producer of modern stainless steel home accessories. Located near Hamburg, ZACK produces some of the most well-crafted designs we’ve ever come across. See for yourself with this collection of sleek steel bathroom accessories. The accessories are on sale today at





















Here is a very interesting approach to bathroom design. The interiors of Hotel Basico in Playa del Carmen, Mexico, were designed by Héctor Galvá.  His approach is fresh and youthful, utilizing lots of recycled materials as well as raw surfaces.  The main decoration of the bathrooms are exposed PVC water pipes.  Even the towel shelf is made of piping material.  Sand colored wall tiles remind of the Caribbean beach nearby.

Found via remodelista.

Hotel Basico Playa Del Carmen 01

Hotel Basico Playa Del Carmen 02

Hotel Basico Playa Del Carmen 03

Hotel Basico Playa Del Carmen 04

Hotel Basico Playa Del Carmen 05


Rough surfaces show the inherent beautify of a material. They create one of a kind texture and reveal colors otherwise not seen. I especially adore the first image where the rough stone has been respected and celebrated, and so well incorporated into the otherwise simple and polished interior.

Villa Astrid Cliff House bathrom in Sweden by Wingardh.














For those of you who prefer sharp edges and straight surfaces to rounded corners and oval shapes, this selection of bathroom products will certainly be of interest.  Inspired by crystals and rock formations, these fixtures are sculptural artworks and have the potential of making a bold statement in the bathroom.

Crystalline collection

The Crystalline collection designed by Hariri & Hariri for AF Supply.

Diamond washbasin by Vaskeo

The Diamond washbasin by Vaskeo.

Stealth faucet by Graff

The Stealth faucet by Graff.



We are 2 weeks into the construction of a customized Naturalist 2 bathroom in New York City. The new shower lead pan has been installed along with the rough – ins (parts of plumbing fixtures that go in the wall). The recessed storage niches in the shower and across from the washbasin, where integrated medicine cabinet will be installed, have been framed. Wall tiling is halfway done. The stone tiles look great, they are perfect proportions and size for this bathroom, are very light and have subtle variations.  The contactors will be installing the plumbing fixtures and accessories this week, can’t wait. Also, see CUSTOMIZED NATURALIST 2 IN NYC – PART I.

New shower lead pan.


Niche at shower.


Medicine cabinet niche framing.


Tiling - half way done.


Shower bar and thermostatic pressure valve – going in this week.


Washbasin, 25in wide, 12in deep, 5.5in high.


Washbasin faucet.



August is a busy month.  I am traveling again this week.  Therefore I thought I will post about a bathroom from the country I am visiting: Poland.  This is one of my favorite bathroom designs.  It was conceived by architect Przemo Łukasik as part of his residence in an abandoned coal mine in Bytom, Poland.  Named “Bolko Loft” after the name of the coal mine, the residence is placed in the building of the former lamp storage.  The design of the entire space, including the bathroom, is very industrial.  The Bolko Loft bathroom bears close resemblance to the feel of our Uniform “Loft” bathroom series.  It features a sink on a metal console, a freestanding tub, industrial light fixtures, a painted concrete floor and cement stuccoed walls.  I especially love the long and narrow mirror spanning the width of one entire wall.  The view from the window is also quite impressive, and a strong connection definitely exists between the industrial surroundings and the design of the interior.

Bolko Loft 1

Bolko Loft 2

Bolko Loft 3


We are building a customized Naturalist 2 bathroom in New York City.  It is a completely different layout and size, so we needed to modify it quite a bit. For starters we used smaller scale tile on floor on walls. We also used a very narrow (only 12in) long  washbasin instead of round which would have taken voluble room in 39in wide space.  We skipped the vanity to keep the space more airy and open. Storage is very important in small spaces; there is plenty of it here: integrated medicine cabinet across from the washbasin, generous niche in the shower as well as 3 horizontal cabinets above the toilet. Cost of materials and fixtures approximately $ 2500.

Naturalist 2 visualization – original design and starting point for this customized version.

Naturalist 2 floor plan – the original design.

Naturalist 2 floor plan – the customized design.

Freshly demolished bathroom – ready for new plumbing and electric installation. Stay tuned for more next week.


Here is another great find from the Rapsel family of bathroom fixtures.  “Yume” is a combination washbasin, towel holder and container for used towels. The designer, Matteo Nunziati, drew his inspiration from 20th century abstract minimalism, focusing on the concepts of full and empty. “Yume” is made out of Nikron, an innovative, silkysmooth high‐tech material which reinforces the elegance of this design.