It is my great pleasure to present our completed, customized Naturalist 2. It seems the smaller the project the more attention and love it requires. It was certainly true with this 34 square feet bathroom. It is thought through to perfection:  from the fixtures and details, through the stone, to the accessories. Every bit of space is used: the cavity between studs to create the storage niche in the shower, the mirrored angled wall to create greater sense of space and light. Photography Jeff Cate.






















































































































































Today’s post is provided courtesy of our fellow blogger Susi from Arcadian Lighting.  It is amazing how much impact an accent wall can bring into a bathroom.  Thank you Susi for this inspiring post and we hope for more to come!

Hi, I’m Susi, a writer for Arcadian Lighting, a great place to find inspiration for lighting projects. I’m very lucky to get to guest blog for amazing design blogs like Uniform Design about cool designs, light fixtures and decor. My guest post today is all about stunning bathroom walls. Bathroom walls need to be durable as well as decorative, so stone, tile and paint are great material choices. Here are four stunning bathroom walls to inspire you. Enjoy!

Bathroom Walls White Lighting Fixtures

Bathroom walls tend to be white to go with all white fixtures. This matte black wall offers a striking contrast instead. Stunning and dramatic.

Bathroom Walls

Shaped marble tiles can feel very contemporary when placed on the wall and not the floor. The grey and white marble tiles create a stunning pattern in this contemporary bath.

Stainless Steel Bathroom Walls

Shiny stainless steel tiles on the walls of this bath add a lovely reflective quality to the walls. The soft grey of the steel is a nice bridge between black and white elements in the room.

Natural Stone Bathroom Wall

Stunning slab of natural stone. Slabs of natural stone set as a backsplash or bookended to cover an entire wall make for stunning walls in the bathroom.

For more stunning bathroom walls and bathroom lighting ideas, feel free to stop on by at Arcadian Lighting Blog for more inspiration!

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Customized Upper East Side Naturalist 2 is completed. Small footprint and unusual layout pushed the boundaries of customization of the standard design package.  Look out for the full spread of photos next week.

Photgrapher Jeff Cate at the shoot.
See more about this project and what inspired it here:

Naturalist 2 visualization.



plans and pencilIs it necessary to hire a designer to remodel your bathroom?  Certainly not.  However, there are many benefits of having a professionally designed bathroom.  Below I list a few.

1. SAVE MONEY. Yes, that is right.  Although design services are rarely free, in the end you may end up spending less money than if you went without them.  A designer will be able to chose fixtures and finishes that fit your budget, and help you avoid contractor mistakes that later need to be fixed for an additional cost.

2. SAVE TIME.  Designing a bathroom is very time consuming.  Not many people have the time to search for all the fixtures, materials and accessories that are assembled in the bathroom.  Every single object in the room needs to be carefully selected so that the end result is a well-coordinated and cohesive look.

3. SAVE YOUR SANITY.  A renovation can be really frustrating.  It often costs more and lasts longer than expected.  Designers are used to these challenges and can often avoid them by using trusted suppliers and contractors.  They will also guide you through unexpected conditions.  You will feel safe and taken care of.

4. ENJOY THE RESULTS.  Designers are highly trained professionals.  A bathroom designed by a professional will look different than a bathroom conceived without the services of one.  You will notice the difference in the details.  A thinner grout line, a base that is installed flush with the wall, well chosen lighting, an eye-pleasing composition of surfaces and objects, a smart way to create storage space – all of those elements will enhance the bathroom experience.


Last Friday I was organizing the resource library and came across an old clipping from NYT. The article featured unique shower heads. One caught my eye and inspired to conceptualize this serene setting.

Istanbul Collection shower head by Ross Lovegrove for VitrA.


MOD Collection washbasin mixer by Ross Lovegrove for VitrA.


Gray ceramic tile from Uniform Design's Naturalist 1 collection.


Duravit washbowl.


If a bathroom could speak, what would it say?  It sounds like a silly question, but a couple of designers took it literally.  Below I present to you the results:

Felber Architects, Szelpal house in Solothurn, Switzerland

The lyrics of a song by German composer Herbert Gronemeyer are etched into the glass shower partition of this bathroom by Swiss firm Felber Architects. Let me guess: the clients confessed that they like to sing while taking a shower.

Wash behind the ears.

The wall of this shower by De Meza + Architecture + Interiors serves as a reminder to get all clean.


The ever elegant “black and white” can be achieved in many different ways. Black fixtures or black trims against white walls look great. Classic finishes such as black penny round or white carrara marble work the best within  the restrained color scheme.

Vola faucet in black finish by Arne Jacobsen.

Bath at the Amansara resort in Cambodia.


Tara faucet in black finish by Dornbrach.


Black penny tiles.


Carrara marble.


Tara faucets in black finish by Dornbracht against carrara marble.


If you enjoyed my post about Japanese bathrooms from last week, but are not yet ready for that bathroom overhaul, below is a selection of accessories that will make your bathroom feel positively more zen.

CB2_Solid Ash Bath Mat

Solid Ash Bath Mat from CB2 for $34.95

CB2_Teak Bath Accessories

Teak Bath Accessories from CB2 from $6.95 to $24.95


CB2_Toothbrushes set of four

Toothbrushes set of four from CB2 for $12.95

Container Store_Cylinder Can With Cover

Cylinder Can With Cover from The Container Store for $5.99

DWR_Hinoki Tissue Box Cover

Hinoki Tissue Box Cover from Design Within Reach for $45.00

Muji_Cotton Pile Body Wash Towel

Cotton Pile Body Wash Towel from Muji for $5.25

Muji_Face Brush

Face Brush from Muji for $6.75


Muji_PP Bath Stool

PP Bath Stool from Muji for $13.25

Muji_PP Soap Case

PP Soap Case from Muji for $2.75

Muji_Toilet Brush with Case

Toilet Brush with Case from Muji for $11.95


I am spending a week in Barcelona, staying in a charming apartment in El Born. The apartment is in a historic building. However, all furnishings and amenities are contemporary which makes an interesting juxtaposition, quite common characteristic in Barcelona’s interiors and architecture. The bathroom is about 4 x 10 feet.  It’s walls are mostly glass, some clear some frosted. On either side of it there is a compartment: one for the shower and one for the toilet. This allows two people to use the bathroom at the same time without compromising privacy. The partition separating the hallway is clear glass and includes a sliding door, which makes the small bathroom feel much more spacious.

Entrance to the bathroom.