This year I did my Christmas shopping on Wednesday before Thanksgiving. It was a beautiful day and the shops were empty. Everybody must have been either getting ready for the holiday or traveling. I think this will be my new tradition. I started in Soho at MiN Apothecary & Atelier and finished at my all time favorite ABC Carpet & Home.
And here are some of my finds.

Belgian Linen Diffuser, $49 at Restoration Hardware.

Culti Clubhouse Natural Vegetable Wax Candle, $65 at MiN New York.

Côté Bastide Amber Bath Salts, $16 at MiN New York.

Apothecary jars, $14-34 at West Elm.













Tammy Fender holistic skincare at ABC Home.

















Monogramed hand towel, $10 at West Elm.




The Holiday shopping season has officially begun, so we thought we put together some gift ideas.  Not surprisingly, the items we chose are bathroom related.  Take a look.


Gedy_Round Diamond Shaped White Ceramic Soap Dispenser

Diamond Shaped White Ceramic Soap Dispenser by Gedy, $28.00

Buy it here.

Kontextur_Tissue Box Cover_Orange

Tissue Box Cover by Josh Owen for Kontextür, $32.00

Buy it here.

Alessi_Mediterraneo_Soap Dish by Emma Silvestris

Alessi Mediterraneo Soap Dish by Emma Silvestris, $53.00

Buy it here.


Roots Soap Co_Soap for Men Gift Set

Soap for Men Gift Set by Roots Soap Co. , $24.99

Buy it here.


Dwell Studio_Plus bath mat_Aqua

Dwell Studio Plus Aqua Bath Mat, $56

Buy it here.

Skip Hop Dunck Stacking Bath Toy

Skip Hop Dunck Stacking Bath Toy (Set of Three), $10

Buy it here.


We talk a lot about black and white, about subtle tones of grays and the beauty of pure white. If your heart desires color you don’t have to give up minimalist elegance. Add a single strong color to your otherwise black and white, gray or white environment. Below are examples of red bathtubs serving as such strong, graphic accents.




































I love to come across projects that could have been easily unexciting, but somebody put in the effort to make them just the opposite.  Take, for example, this assignment: a restroom at a golf course.  I have actually never been to a golf course, but I imagine that the restroom facilities are usually not the focus point of these sites.  Not so in the case of a bathroom designed by architects Berschneider+Berschneider for golf course Lauterhofen in Germany. Berschneider+Berschneider created an arresting pavilion using weathered tree branches, stainless steel, and red painted plywood.  It is situated beautifully within the grounds, and a horizontal window perfectly frames the surrounding landscape.  This project made me seriously consider to start golfing.

Berschneider+Berschneider exterior 1

Berschneider+Berschneider exterior 2

Berschneider+Berschneider interior 1

Berschneider+Berschneider interior 2


Since we have been talking about black and white lately, here is yet another way to explore the territory. I admired these two textures at the Ann Sacks showroom in Flatiron last Thursday during a launch party of the new sister magazine of New York Spaces called  The Goods. The Goods did not hold much of my attention but these tiles did.


















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All-white bathrooms are classic, but some might argue that they are unexciting.  Here is a simple trick to make a white bathroom stand out and become really unique: use one black bathroom fixture in an otherwise white bathroom.   The results are stunning, brilliant in their simplicity.

Fleming House Bathroom

A black tub stands out in the Fleming House Bathroom designed by Levitt Goodman Architects.

Front Studio Bath

A black sink is the focal point of this NYC bathroom by Front Studio.

FJ House bathroom

Another black tub: the FJ House bathroom by Guilherme Torres.

Bathroom by Tim Dorrington, New Zealand

It also works the other way around: a white tub in an all-black bathroom by Tim Dorrington.


A party on October 25th kicked off the Duravit Design Week. New collections created in collaboration with Philippe Starck, Sieger Design, Sergei Tchoban, Matteo Thun and EOOS were launched. One of the things that caught my eye was the shower enclosure shown below. The mirrored and glass partitions fold back much like large cabinet doors hiding the shower fixtures and creating an impression of a much larger space. I remember seeing a similar prototype at last years ICFF. Looks like a begining of a new trend. Other interesting products were creative storage solutions.

NYC Duravit showroom.


Inspiration truly can come from anywhere.  Indiana based PROJECTiONE came up with the idea of using the concept of bubble wrap to create a bathroom wall panel system.  A company founded by graduates of the Masters program at Ball State University’s College of Architecture and Planning, Adam Buente, Kyle Perry, Elizabeth Boone and Eric Brockmeyer, PROJECTiONE is interested in design and fabrication utilizing digital equipment.

The bitMAPS wall panels were fabricated using intentionally pierced bubble wrap as the first mold.  The final product is made of polystyrene, and was installed on two walls and the ceiling of a  residential bathroom project.  Via the digital design process, many bathroom features were integrated into the custom panels: light coves, ventilation grilles, magazine and tissue holders.  bitMAPS creators intention was “to create a clean but complex texture that is engaging to sight and touch, encouraged through embedded switches, custom storage compartments and openings for light and air ventilation.”

It is definitely an interesting and innovative concept, smartly utilizing the capabilities of digital technology.

BitMap Bubble Wrap tile














BitMap Bubble Wrap tile

BitMap Bubble Wrap tile

BitMap Bubble Wrap tile

BitMap Bubble Wrap tile