We had a great first blogging season here at Uniform Design and we enjoyed creating the posts and interacting with our audience.  A big thank you to all our readers, supporters and clients – without you, there would be no point in what we are doing.  We would like to wish you all a fantastic year 2012 full of fresh ideas and dreams come true.

Below you will find the best of the best – the most popular blog posts of 2011.


The Backstory of Naturalist 1 was one of the favorite inspiration stories for our designs.


The Renovation Dos and Dont’s were and will remain a good resource for anyone who considers (or is in the midst of) a renovation.


White remains a classic favorite color for bathrooms, therefore the Story in White  was well received.


We were very excited about the Customized Townhouse 1 Bathroom in Europe, and so were our readers.


The Natural Accessories post provided simple and inexpensive ideas for introducing that feel of nature to any bathroom, and was very well received.


The Customized Naturalist 2 bathroom may be the smallest in the world, but arguably it is also one of the most beautiful.

To be continued next year…


This time of the year I often fantasize of (and occasionally get to enjoy) sunny days in snowy mountains followed by nice sauna sessions.
Set in the ultimate spa landscape, this sauna is truly a dream come true. It was designed and built by Sami Rintala and a group of students from Västlands Kunstakademie for the town of Rosendal Village, Hardangerfjord, Norway.

Anchored in the middle of the fjord, the sauna allows a level of privacy for the bathers. Access is by rowing boat only. Little winter daylight comes through transparent walls. At night the sauna shines as a floating lantern.

Heat of around 90 C is enjoyed, especially in wintertime (-20 C outside) by sitting on wooden benches and throwing water on hot stones on the stove.













An opening in the floor of the structure allows the bathers to take a dip in the lake right in the sauna. The water is exceptionally warm due to the Gulf Stream stretching to the fjords of Norway.



























The Holidays have finally arrived, and we prepared a glamorous inspiration gallery to boost your Holiday spirit.  We love how classic chandeliers add a layer of luxury and comfort to these modern bathrooms.

Happy Festivities from all of us at Uniform!

Bathroom with white chandelier by Neutra

Bathroom with chandelier

Bathroom with chandelier

Bathroom with chandelier by Laufen

Bathroom with chandelier


Image credits: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5



Sometimes a shower curtain is more desirable than a glass shower partition. There are so many more options other than a standard shower rod with clips. Silent Gliss makes a high grade nylon and precision-engineered, rust-free siliconized aluminum system, which is often used in hospitals. It is meant to be bent by design. Agape makes a polished stainless steel strip that allows different configurations that can be adapted for use with showers or bathtubs.

Room Divider / Cubicle Track Systems by Silent Gliss.















Cooper polished stainless steel rail by Agape.













Cooper polished stainless steel rail by Agape. The system can be used for tubs and showers.














Loft by Decor Walther.


















Loft by Decor Walther - close up.




The Holidays are approaching fast.  Gold and black is one of those color combinations that are very festive.  Take a look and let us know what you think!

Golden bathub mosaic and black wall tile

Golden bathub mosaic and black wall tile via

Black bathroom golden accents

Black bathroom golden accents via apartment therapy.

Split finish bathtub by PSC Bath

Split finish bathtub by PSC Bath.

Gold Deluxe Mosaic by Atlas Concorde.


A lovely collection of accessories with double function, designed by Ana Mir & Emili Padrós for Emiliana Design Studio. Available at Conran USA.

Anonymous shelf and towel rail.









Anonymous white magazine rack and toilet roll holder.











Anonymous white double hook.


The Holidays make me think about decorations, and decorations make me think about patterns.  I recently came across photographs of two beautiful bathrooms at the Mountain House in Nova Lima, Brazil.  I usually do not fancy “decorations”, I prefer solid surfaces and natural stone veins, the only patterns being ones created by grout lines.  But in case of the Nova Lima bathrooms designed by David Guerra Architecture along with the entire house, I must make an exception to my own rule.  The tile patterns are intriguing, the color palette is simple, the tiles are only used on one feature wall.  Everything else in the bathrooms has a neutral, natural palette and perfectly compliments the tile design.

The Mountain House in Nova Lima_Brazil 1

The Mountain House in Nova Lima_Brazil 2

If you want to “dress up” your bathroom for longer than just the Holidays, consider this tile series called Natural Trend by Ceramica Sant’ Agostino:

Natural trend_Damask black

Natural trend_Damask moka

Another option is this tile pattern from the Glow series by Atlas Concorde:



Both series have monochrome tiles in matching colors.  Remember, the trick is not to overdo it.  Have fun!



We are taking a short break from holiday shopping and a deep breath before all the upcoming holiday parties.
Each of the below shower enclosures features something special. The first, by Spanish manufacturer Roca is operated by a motion sensor. In contrast, the Vigo sports an exquisite hardware. Finally, Agape’s spiral has no motion sensor nor hardware, the shape itself serves the purpose.

A round shower enclosure that opens and closes automatically, no hinges, no screws or handles, by Roca.

Vigo shower enclosure.

Spiral shower enclosure by Benedini Associates for Agape.


How about some bathroom-themed stocking stuffers or Secret Santa gifts?  Below are some ideas for elegant gifts under $20.

compagnie de providence_orange blossom duck soap

Orange Blossom Duck Soap by Compagnie de Providence, $5.00

Buy it here.

compagnie de providence_natural sea sponge

Natural Sea Sponge by Compagnie de Providence, $16.00

Buy it here.

Coyuchi_Organic Baby Bathmitt

The Organic Baby Bath Mitt by Coyuchi, $7

Buy it here.


Muji_Beige Porcelain Aroma Burner

Beige Porcelain Aroma Burner by Muji, $9.75

Buy it here.


Massaging Body Brush from Bath Addiction

Massaging Body Brush by Bath Addiction, $6.50

Buy it here.

Yumaki extreme toothbrush

Extreme Toothbrush by Yumaki, $10

Buy it here.