We are building a customized Naturalist 2 bathroom in New York City.  It is a completely different layout and size, so we needed to modify it quite a bit. For starters we used smaller scale tile on floor on walls. We also used a very narrow (only 12in) long  washbasin instead of round which would have taken voluble room in 39in wide space.  We skipped the vanity to keep the space more airy and open. Storage is very important in small spaces; there is plenty of it here: integrated medicine cabinet across from the washbasin, generous niche in the shower as well as 3 horizontal cabinets above the toilet. Cost of materials and fixtures approximately $ 2500.

Naturalist 2 visualization – original design and starting point for this customized version.

Naturalist 2 floor plan – the original design.

Naturalist 2 floor plan – the customized design.

Freshly demolished bathroom – ready for new plumbing and electric installation. Stay tuned for more next week.

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