We are finishing our customized Naturalist 2 bathroom and I am on a lookout for accessories. Since we were not able to use as many original wood elements as we would have liked due to space and budget restrictions, the goal is to achieve the same effect with beautiful natural accessories. Related posts: Customized Naturalist 2 in NYC – Part I and Customized Naturalist 2 in NYC – Part II.

Rivera Bath towel, $75 available at Matteo.


Moldger solid birch soap dish, $2.49 available at Ikea.




Linen bath mat, $49 available at Brook Farm General Store.














Oresund birch toilet seat, $19 available at Ikea.










Cotton venetian blind cord by Librett, $49 at Vercesi Hardware. It will be used to wrap a steam pipe.








Wood waste bin, $49 available at Muji.



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