Last week I covered an area of the bathroom design that may often be overlooked: the shower drain.  Today I want to talk about a different approach to shower stall design: the shower pan.  I really like using shower pans instead of a tiled shower floor.  The installation is much easier, and so is the maintenance.  Of course, not any shower pan will pass our “good looking” test.  The trick again is to find a pan that will conceal the common looking drain outlet.  Actually, only a few shower pans available on the USA market address the drain design.

Boutique shower base by MTI Whirlpools 1

Boutique shower base by MTI Whirlpools 2



Teak drain cover by MTI Whirlpools


The end drain shower base by MTI Whirlpools features a removable drain cover for clean design. Or you can use the matching Teak Drain Cover instead.

Lacava_Tatami 1

Lacava_Tatami 2

The Tatami by Lacava is a resin shower pan made to fit white ceramic shower bricks (available in two, three, four, and five brick pans).

Kohler_Archer Acrylic shower receptor

The Archer Acrylic shower receptor by Kohler has a central covered drain.





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