A few blocks away from the Minimalist 2 bathrooms in Chelsea we are currently building a Minimalist 1 bathroom.  Again, the bathroom is very small, so we had to make some modifications to the Basic Design.  Currently the rough plumbing is completed, the waterproofing and tile is installed.  Shortly the plumber will mount the bathroom fixtures, the millworker will place the mirrors above the accent wall and the electrician will take care of the lighting.

1_Minimalist 1 on 15th Street

The black accent wall is prepared to receive the wall mounted washbasin.

2_Minimalist 1 on 15th Street

The wall above the washbasin is framed for a mirrored niche.

3_Minimalist 1 on 15th Street

In this bathroom the accent wall was designed to make a 90 degree turn and extend under the window. This is where the wall-hung toilet will be mounted.


4_Minimalist 1 on 15th Street

The glass shower partition is already installed.

5_Minimalist 1 on 15th Street

We used a matching stone slab at the top of the shower curb to complement the porcelain tile. The linear drain is visible in the background.

6_Minimalist 1 on 15th Street

We created a ledge to protect the steam pipe from direct contact with water. The ledge will also be useful for placing shampoo and soap.

We are looking forward to posting images of the completed bathroom in a few weeks!

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