As promised, we are posting photos of the second Minimalist 2 bathroom in Chelsea.  Compared to the first Chelsea Minimalist 2, this one looks quite different, although there are many similarities.  We used the same fixtures, finishes and accessories for both.  The sizes are also similar.  What makes the difference is the window location.  In the first bathroom the window is in the shower.  In this second bathroom, the window is above the toilet, and our blue tile accent wall extends all the way up and wraps inside of the window opening.  We chose a large mirror above the sink to counter-balance the size of the window opening.

Second Minimalist 2 in Chelsea_1

Second Minimalist 2 in Chelsea_2

Second Minimalist 2 in Chelsea_3

Second Minimalist 2 in Chelsea_4

Second Minimalist 2 in Chelsea_5

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