Who does not like big bathrooms?  We sure do.  A double washbasin, a freestanding tub, a separate shower cabin would be nice.  Throw in a separate compartment for the toilet and bidet and we are in bathroom heaven.  But the obvious truth is, for most of us a three piece bathroom must do (three piece as in bath tub, washbasin, toilet).  What we at Uniform Design attempted to do is create that luxurious feeling of a large bathroom within the constrains of the smallest bathrooms out there.

We chose the simple very common 5 foot by 7 foot bathroom layout with all fixtures attached to the same wall, one next to each other.  So, if your bathroom plan looks like the one below you can actually consider yourself lucky.

Typical Uniform Bathroom Plan

Why?  Because this is the bathroom layout that we used to create our basic Uniform bathroom designs.  You can just purchase one of our Basic Packages and receive it within minutes.

If your bathroom, however, does not look close to the plan above – do not despair.  Just send us some information about your existing bathroom and we will transform the Basic Design Package to fit your particular situation for a small up-charge.  You will receive your customized bathroom package within a week.

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