Renovating your bathroom (or your entire apartment) can be exciting.  It can also be exasperating.  Often it is both.

We put together a list of good ideas to implement and bad ideas to avoid during your renovation process.  We hope that this advice will make your remodel more fun and less hassle.

Ladder and contrauction material in painted room.


+ Price your renovation with at least three contractors. Even if you have a contractor that you know and trust, it is a good idea to get pricing from the competition.  Not only will this be  helpful in your contract negotiations; each contractor may give you some good ideas about cost savings or technical advice.

+ Sign a contract with your builder. Put at least the following in writing: the names and addresses of both parties, the location and scope of the project, the renovation cost and renovation schedule.

+ Order all materials and fixtures prior to commencement of renovation.  Or have your contractor do it for you.  Some items may have very long delivery times – it is beneficial to know about it upfront to avoid delays or last-minute changes.

+ Request samples of materials.   This way you can make sure that you will be getting the product you imagined or be certain that two materials match one another.

+ Inspect the work.  Even if you are not a professional, you may notice issues that the contractor missed.  Address mistakes and problems as soon as you notice them.


- Expect that you can avoid problems.  Problems are inevitable, so be prepared, do not panic and approach them with a clear head.

- Make last-minute changes.  Changes made during the construction is in progress tend to be expensive and may lead to mistakes and/or delays.

- Pay your contractor for work up-front.  Only pay for work that has been completed by the contractor and inspected by you.

Find more renovation advice in the Renovation Tips page of our Web site.  We also recommend you explore our entire Additional Resources section for more useful information regarding apartment remodeling.


  1. Good advice. Especially about not starting the renovation until all products are in. I’ll remember that one.