A few posts back I shared with you the amazing pool at the Villa Midgård designed by Stockholm based DAPstockholm.  Since summer is almost over in the Northern Hemisphere, let’s go inside and look at the not-too-shabby bathroom of the same villa.  Here it is:

Villa Midgard_DAPstockholm_bath

I can tell how much fun the architects had designing this bathroom.  I adore the random pattern of the floor tiles, the large mirror taking up and entire wall, and the full height window. A floor mounted towel heater, a built-in shelf and two solid wood surfaces complete the look.


Usually we write about bathrooms.  But today I would like to digress a bit and share with you an amazing house, with an amazing swimming pool.  Take a look at the Villa Midgård designed by Stockholm based DAPstockholm.


The front of the building.

The pool from above.

A peek into the pool from the front.  How cool is this?

The bathroom in this house is pretty great as well, and deserves a separate post.  Stay tuned.