1. Can I purchase fixtures, accessories, and tile without purchasing the design?

No. You must be a Uniform client and have purchased a design in order to purchase materials. You may also purchase the design, fixtures, and tile simultaneously.

2. How long does it take for my materials to arrive?

Once your payment is received the materials will be shipped within 5 business days, provided the materials are in stock. You will be notified prior to placing your order if certain materials are back-ordered. You will receive a tracking number once your order has shipped.

3. How much will it cost to renovate my bathroom using your design?

We are striving to create affordable bathrooms but specify only fixtures and materials of good quality. The price of fixtures, accessories and finishes is fixed and is approximately $10,000 for each design. The price of labor will vary depending on your geographical location, the size of your bathroom and other factors. In order to determine the cost of labor you will need to get an estimate from a local builder.

4. Are the design documents you provide sufficient to perform the renovation?

Our design documents provide sufficient information to the contractor to build the bathroom. Please see what is included in our package. However, you may need to secure permits from your local building department and/or your building's management company. You must check with these agencies directly to find out what may be required. You may need to hire an architect or engineer licensed in your state in order to secure permits. Read more about permits.

5. My bathroom plan looks different from the one that is pictured. What do I do?

One of the services we provide is adjusting our design(s) to your particular bathroom configuration. You just need to provide measurements of your bathroom and submit your survey to us. Based on the information you provide we will send you an estimated cost of the modifications of the basic design.

6. I would like to make changes to the design. What do I do?

One of the services we provide is adjusting our design(s) to accommodate your particular needs. You just need to let us know what type of changes you would like to make. Based on the information you provide we will send you an estimated cost of the basic design modifications.

7. Where can I purchase the plumbing fixtures, accessories and tile?

You can purchase fixtures and tile through this website. You can also have your contractor purchase fixtures and materials for you. Some accessories, such as fixed mirrors or glass shower partitions need to be made to size and will need to be provided by your contractor.

8. Why is the shower partition not enclosing the whole tub area? Won't water leak and splash on the bathroom floor?

We designed a minimal shower partition to make the bathroom appear as large as possible. The partition folds in half to allow for easy access to shower / tub controls and cleaning. The tub size is 30in x 60in. A typical shower stall is 30in x 30in. The shower partition is only enclosing the part of the tub that will be hit by the majority of water. If you have a shower/tub combo in your current bathroom you can test this by closing your shower partition / shower curtain half way only when taking your next shower. Notice if there are any leaks around the tub.

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