Ceiling height – a measurement from floor to ceiling of a room taken in a straight vertical line.

Design package (a.k.a. Design documents) – a set of documents that contains all information necessary for a contractor to build a design. The package contains a visualization of the design, a floor plan, elevations, crucial details and specifications.

Detail - a drawing, at a larger scale, of a significant part of another drawing, demonstrating in depth the design, location, composition and correlation of elements and materials.

Duplex receptacle – a double utility grade electrical outlet for household use.

Elevation – a view of an interior wall.

Fixture – refers to a plumbing fixture: a tub, a lavatory, a toilet, a shower head, a faucet etc.

Lavatory – industry standard term for a wash basin or a bathroom sink.

Floor plan – view of a floor with fixtures.

Green board - a type of gypsum board that has a greater resistance to moisture than regular (white) gypsum board and is used in bathrooms and other wet areas.

Gypsum board (a.k.a. Drywall or Sheetrock) - a manufactured panel made out of gypsum plaster and encased in a thin cardboard.

Rough-in – the part of a plumbing connection that is placed within the wall and is not visible once the final plumbing fixture is installed.

Specifications - a document that includes manufacturer's catalog number, finish and other information that identifies a particular item such as: fixture, accessory, tile, etc.

Visualization – a three-dimensional artist's representation of a design.