Please note that the design documents provided by Uniform Design, Inc. will be everything you need to build your bathroom, but not necessarily everything you need to obtain a building permit. A building permit may or may not be required. It is the client's responsibility to verify whether a building permit is required for the work. This information can be obtained from the local building department or from a professional licensed in your state. It is the client's responsibility also to verify requirements for and secure a building permit for the work, if required. In this case you will most likely need to hire an architect or engineer licensed in your state.

Uniform Design Inc. is not responsible for the verification of applicable local code compliance and local handicapped adaptability code compliance. Applicable building codes and handicapped adaptability codes vary by state and/or local jurisdiction. Usually a bathroom renovation where fixtures are replaced in existing locations are compliant by rule of "grandfathering", but we recommend that you verify this with local building department or with a professional licensed in your state prior to purchasing our design.